I like tools and I like making tools. 3D printing makes it possible to make lots of kinds of useful tools.

  • Magnetic Polarity Tools – tools to hold polarized magnets to make it easy to know the orientation of magnets before you glue them
  • USB Pull – a tool to prevent tangling of USB cables
  • Etherpull – a tool to prevent tangling of Ethernet cables
  • Caliper Stand – holds 150mm calipers (apparently someone is selling this on Etsy).
  • Spool Spinner – fits into a drill to make it easier to transfer the last bit of filament to a smaller spool
  • Tool Hanger – screws to the wall and lets you hang a tool from a rope with knotted ends
  • Pencil Holder for Moleskien Books – slides into the spine and holds a mechanical pencil
  • 27″ iMac Camera Cover – fits on top of a 27″ iMac and slides over the camera when it is not in use
  • Spool Rotator – a spool hanger that rotates using only the energy of the rotation of the spool due to the consumption of filament by the extruder
  • Magnet Servers
High Capacity Magnet Server
Magnetic Polarity Tools – print two of different colors
USBPull – keeps USB cables from tangling on their plugs when being pulled through a tangle of wires and equipment.
Etherpull – keeps ethernet cables from tangling on their connectors when being pulled through a tangle of wires and equipment. Prevents the locking tabs from being broken off.
Caliper Stand – holds 150mm digital calipers.
Spool Spinner – lets you easily and quickly transfer filament from spools to the small, 100g mini-spools. The 100g spool is by byWulf and can be found here.
General purpose tool holder.
Book Spine Pencil Holder
27″ iMac Camera Cover