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Welcome to the 3D Doodle home page. Here you will find a growing collection of 3D Printing projects and information.

You’ll find all my projects on printables.com where I am @hoco_739955.

I make a few different kinds of models:

I also have a page about getting started with Fusion 360.

My biggest project to date is the spool rotator, which I use for special effects like gradients, rainbows and spirals. It’s free and open source, so you can make one too. My other 3D printing passion has been Small Golf Discs, for indoor or outdoor use, these make for an excellent disc golf game.

Use the menu at the top of each page to explore the rest of the site. You’ll find lots of interesting and beautiful things here.

You can download all my designs for free!

Spool rotator
Crosscoil printed with the Spool Rotator
The Tentacle System for making stands and supports, printed with the Spool Rotator.

If you are looking for the old polymer clay 3ddoodle.com website it can be found here: https://3ddoodle.com/public/index.html