I’ve been enjoying printing vases. They are printed in “vase mode” which means the walls are one layer thick and printed as a spiral. The bottom is usually about 1mm thick. Despite having thin walls, they are reasonably strong. But, they probably are not watertight. If you wanted to use one for plants or cut flowers you’d need to put a jar inside.

Spiral Vase –
Square Spiral Vase –
Woven Vase –
Swept Cord Vase –
Stack Vase –
Elipsoid Woven Vase –
Angle Vase –
Cre Vase –
Shingled Vase –
Sinus Vase –
Encircled Vase –
Cat Eye Vase –
Split Curve Vase –
Mortal Coil Vase –
Twisted Elliptical Vase –