Fun Stuff To Print

The filament rotator brings fresh effects to any print using multicolor coextruded filament:

  • Fast-change rainbow effect
  • Spiral color effects
  • Different colors from different angles

See the page on techniques for ways to use the filament rotator for special effects.

Vase-mode Prints

It looks especially good on things printed in vase mode, but you might need a taller shelf if the vase is big enough to yank the spool around, defeating the magnetic gears.


It works really well with puzzles, especially if you print all the pieces at the same time so the layers align perfectly:

Platonic Solids

I think it would be interesting with the platonic solids even though the pattern is mostly horizontal and won’t align with faces and edges except for the octahedron. The colors wind upward at some angle. I recommend lightning infill to minimize the amount of filament used, making it more like a vase-mode print.


Adds something to interesting Gridfinity modules and bases:

Glasses stand on Vanity Base