Spool Rotator

The Spool Rotator

A Rotating Spool Hanger

The Spool Rotator twists filament as it is pulled into the extruder. When used with coextruded filaments that have more than one color the results are amazing!

The energy to rotate the spool comes from the filament unrolling. The mechanism is designed to require very little energy and there is a built-in torque limiter to prevent any possible damage to the extruder.

More information:

This video includes a time-lapse clip of the spool rotator in operation.

10 Facts about the Spool Rotator

  1. Every single part prints without supports
  2. Uses magnets instead of spur gears and a #64 rubber band instead of a chain or more gears
  3. Requires less force to operate than pulling a cardboard spool on a plastic holder
  4. Has adaptors for spools with a wide variety of hub hole sizes
  5. Has different sized pulleys to control the speed of rotation
  6. Has a built-in torque limiter to prevent any possible damage to your printer
  7. Is free to download and use – it is in the public domain
  8. Requires multicolor coextruded filament to see the interesting effects due to rotation
  9. Requires 47 of the 6x2mm neodymium magnets, 4mm, and 8mm hardware and a pair of 8mm threaded rods (details on the download page).
  10. Requires skateboard bearings for ultra-low friction operation