Gridfinity Projects

1×1 Basic Stands

I don’t know why it took me so long to put my original caliper stand on a 1×2 gridfinity base. The caliper has been the most popular 3D model I’ve ever published. More people have downloaded it than any other (more than 2000 downloads as of 1/1/24). My most popular other models are all gridfinity modules. The most popular is the magnet server and the next most popular is the superglue holder. The binder clip vise is also popular. It only makes sense to mount the caliper stand onto a gridfinity base. It stands stably without a baseplate.

1×1 Artistic Stands

Tentacle System

Here is a page all about the Tentacle System, which has Gridfinity components.

1×1 Artistic Baseplates

1×1 Bins

1×1 Tools

1×2 Artistic Stands

2×2 Basic Stands