Tentacle System Applications

Gridfinity Base + Straight Connectors + Alligator Clip Holder

The idea that drove the design of the Tentacle System was to make a soldering stand that leveraged the stability and modularity of the Gridfinity system by Zach Freedman. The modularity allowed me to stabilize these alligator clip holders exactly where I needed them for any size project, and for any number of components. I was using the Gridfinity baseplate as a build-it-yourself work assistant, not a way to organize bins or other storage modules.

Then, I kinda went nuts. When I recovered a couple days later, I found I’d created and printed about 40 Tentacle System 3D models for various bases, connectors and grippers. Within about a week I’d created 20 more models.

Each base opened the possibility of using the tentacle system in a new context. Each grip opened the possibility of using the tentacle system for a new purpose. Each connector created flexibility in shape and use.

There are some great applications of these parts, like attaching a webcam to almost anything, but in a broader sense, they allow connecting a huge variety of things to each other. You can connect Lego to Fischertechnik, or a Gridfinity module to a PVC pipe. The system lets you connect incompatible system easily and flexibly.

The Tentacle System can’t support a lot of weight by itself, but you can superglue some of the parts to add strength if needed. The parts print quickly and use small amounts filament. So you can print as many of the parts as needed for your applications.


  • Soldering stands
  • Webcam stands
  • LED Light stands
  • Figurine/model painting stands
  • Display stands

Webcam/Camera Holder

A typical camera is probably too heavy for more than a short tentacle chain, but many modern webcams are quite lightweight.

In all cases you have full access to record from every angle.

  • Webcam on the side or top of a 3D printer
  • Webcam held in place with a big binder clip
  • Webcam held in place with a magnetic base
  • Webcam on a Lego or Fischertechnik project
  • Webcam on a Honeycomb or Multiboard storage wall or a pegboard

Cable Management

The zip-tie connectors allow any base and any grip to connect two things and provide a cable-management solution between them. Webcams usually have a cable which can get in the way. The zip-tie connectors provide an easy way to attach the cable to the tentacle itself so the cable moves as the tentacle flexes.

Any device with a cable can benefit, such as:

  • A light
  • A fan
  • A webcam
  • A photosensor